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Generic Viagra (Sildenafil) is a reputable medication known for treating impotency in men. This impotency can also be termed as Erectile Dysfunction, popularly known as ED. Erectile dysfunction occurs when a man performs poorly during sexual activity, this is caused by the fact that the flow of blood to the penis is usually poor, hence causing little or no erection. In times past as medicine evolved, different drugs in form of tablets and pills have evolved, in a bid to combat this ill. However, the after-effect was usually small.

In recent times, top-notch medications have surfaced, of which Generic Viagra happens to be one. These medications which have been tried out by customers and patients alike, have often testified to its effectiveness when it comes to carrying out sexual activities. Asides the fact that Generic Viagra is a top-notch medication, it also happens to be one of the world’s most popular and effective treatment for men, as regards erectile dysfunction(ED). Generic Viagra has a major ingredient termed ‘ Sildenafil Citrate’. The work effect of Generic Viagra is quite similar to Viagra, as it also boasts of an excellent track record of safety, quality and strength.


Anywhere you may be in Australia, ranging from cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, to other cities which are not as populated as the aforementioned five, if you are looking for where to buy Generic Viagra probably at a cheap price, getting Generic Viagra at an affordable price or cost should be the least of your worries. Channels for purchasing Generic Viagra are quite easy too. It can be gotten from online pharmacy stores, over the counter, pharmaceutical stores, or even a hospital. Before purchasing Generic Viagra through any of these channels, the veracity of the channel must be certified, in order not to fall into wrong drug purchase and usage, as the presence of illegal stores, both online and physical, are currently on the run. It is advisable to purchase Generic Viagra in Australia legally.


Health specialists have recommended that the required dosage for Generic Viagra 100milligrams, is just one tablet per day. Although, the dosage could be increased depending on the severity of the health condition. It was also stated that taking above the required dosage, could increase the risk of the patient or customer exhibiting side effects of the medication. These side effects could be detrimental to the health state of the patient, as it could also inhibit the effectiveness of the medication.

Ultimately, the use of Generic Viagra should be as directed by a health specialist. However, here are some few tips which you would most likely be given.

  • Ideal Timing: To achieve the best result, it has been advised that Generic Viagra be taken an hour before having sex. The effect of Generic Viagra could last up to a whooping five (5) hours.
  • Drinks: Health specialists have instructed that Generic Viagra should not be taken with alcohol, rather with plenty of water. This is to avoid cases like dehydration.
  • Food: Also, to achieve optimum results, Generic Viagra should be taken on an empty stomach at least 2-3 hours before the next meal.

It has also been advised that Generic Viagra should not be taken with medications which are Nitrate-based. The usage of Generic Viagra with any of these medications has been said to cause a drop in the blood pressure of a patient, which is also detrimental to one’s health status.

Also, for those with serious health conditions such as heart problems, or even the blood vessels, Generic Viagra should not be taken in this state. Also, those with heart disease conditions are advised to use Generic Viagra under the leading of a health specialist.


Over the counter sale of medications is also popularly known as OTC. It is a form of drug purchase whereby drugs are sold without a doctor or a health specialist’s prescription. Most times, there is really nothing wrong is purchasing such drugs since the recommended dosage could cut across all stages of a particular ailment for random health cases of patients.

In Australia, purchasing a medication such as Generic Viagra is totally safe, provided it is taken with a doctor’s prescription. In cases where it is taken in more quantities other than the required or recommended one, it could aggravate the whole case.

Also, it is important to note if the store which the drugs is being purchased from is a certified pharmaceutical store, and not just any random one.


As anticipated, some patients are bound to react to the use of Generic Viagra when they use it. The following under-listed points are some of the expected side effects.

  • Drowsiness and Headaches: Some patients might be experience this side effect. As a matter of fact, most patients often complain of this after using Generic Viagra. This could lead to the patient fainting.
  • Blurred Vision: This is the inability of a patient to see objects properly. This is also a major side effect experienced by most patients, as it is closely related to drowsiness. At times, the patient might experience color misrepresentation.
  • Difficulty in Breathing: This is a side effect which is specific to the lungs. Here, the patient is unable to breathe properly. The breathing rate could be slower than the usual. At times, it could get hastened too and later slow down.
  • Pain in the chest: A number of patients have often complained about the heaviness felt on their chest after the use of Generic Viagra usage. This is also another notable side effect
  • Skin sensation: This side effect happens to be a common one as well. The skin sensation could be manifested in forms such as itching and skin rash as well. The patient would always be in the habit of scratching itchy parts of the body. In cases like these, most patients would be tempted to employ the use of another tablet or pill to combat this. This step must be certified by a health specialist, in order not to exacerbate the whole condition.

Above all, it is advised that if any of these side effects is experienced, the use of Generic Viagra must be stopped for that moment, and medical attention must be sought after immediately.


  • Protection from sexually transmitted diseases (STDs): Generic Viagra does not protect one from STDs, so it would be safe to be sure of the health status of your potential sex partner.
  • Increase in sex drive: It should also be noted that Generic Viagra does not increase sex drive, rather it works only when one is stimulated sexually.
  • Cure for Erectile Dysfunction (ED): Many have often thought this to be true. Generic Viagra only treats ED, it does not cure it.